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Unique Advantages
Discounts throughout our store and purchase any
Unique gifts
Early access to the launch of jewelry and semi-jewels

What is the Club of Jewelry?
It is the club’s most exclusive jewelery and semi-jewels of the country with the best and most diverse types of jewels and semi-jewels. Every month you choose many jewels and semi-jewels.

How it works?
You sign a plan after 7 working you the due date of each month the plan days you receive a coupon to choose many gems and semi-gems as the value of the contract plan and signed.

Why the choice of the Club Jewelry is performed by the client?
Each person has a taste or preference, some products have sizes and each person has a preference for one size, through this way you can choose the product of your choice and the desired size.

What is included in the club of Jewelry?
In addition to receiving the coupon, the associate will be entitled to discounts on all virtual store on any purchase during the period that are signed and with active plan. The discount is granted through coupon.

Discounts for contract plan
Monthly Plan = 10% discount on all our store
Quarterly Plan = 12% discount on all our store
Semester Plan = 15% discount on all our store
Annual Plan = 18% discount on all our store

How is payment made?
Payment is done by recurring subscription via PayPal.

After purchase, I get my coupon Club of Jewelry in how long?
You will receive your coupon monthly within 7 business days of processing the payment and signed contract plan.

How is sending Club of Jewelry?
Some products have free shipping no other, to finalize your purchase you can choose the delivery method.

Can I gift someone with the Club Jewelry?
Of course you do! We’re sure you’ll find presented the spectacular. In the month you receive the coupon to finalizing your purchase you can set the delivery address of the recipient.

How to cancel the Club of Jewelry?
Without any paperwork you can even cancel your subscription. Within your profile there is a button Signatures. Clicking it gives you the status of your club of Jewelry has access to the cancel button.

Hired a Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual plan can I cancel?
May perform the cancellation, but during the contract period will receive the Club until the closing of the Jewels of the plan.

Check out the plans:

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