Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the reseller does not keep the goods in stock, presenting the products to their customers through a catalog or web page, as soon as they complete the purchase order, request and pay the supplier, the supplier will do it. the entire process of packaging and shipping directly to the customer. As with all retail businesses, retailers make their profits on the difference between wholesale and retail price.

The order is received, that is, the company sells a product to one of the customers. As soon as the purchase order is completed, the company notifies and makes the payment with the drop shipper; after the drop shipper receives the payment, they will ship the product directly to the customer and the company keeps the profit. As a wholesale drop shipper, they will ship the product in a timely manner and will not include their own promotional material; which allows you to outsource inventory, reduce a large part of your initial cost and reduce risk.

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