How to resell the jewelry and semi-jewels from LUXJOIAS CATALOG organizing a bazaar

A bazaar is an opportunity to purchase various items of general use for a very affordable price , with a great opportunity to earn extra income or exercising solidarity in the event of a charity bazaar . See all the steps necessary to organize a bazaar .

01 ) Start planning : the guest list , venue and date of the bazaar

The first step is to make a list of people you invite , and tag people in it that would surely , those possibly come and that probably would not come .

The second step is to set the date .

If you live in a house with a nice backyard : this is the ideal place. Now if you live in the building , check with the landlord if you can use the ballroom , which is also a great space.

02 ) Data set, defined location , guests set . Now it’s time to calculate the amount of products you will expose .

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Now it’s time you set up will serve something for visits , and if so, what .

03 ) Time to send out invitations

With everything set , time to send the invitation to that huge guest list . You can send the invitation via SMS , WhatsApp , Facebook , Email , Telephone and other means .

Write a flashy invitation, identifying everything that will be sold , and accepted payment methods .

Accept card is a very important difference !
The PagSeguro has a mobile app and tablet where you can make sales by credit card .

04 ) Latest Preparations

A day earlier, remember to label all products. Will be much easier to sell when the bazaar is full.

Come the big day , define how you will arrange the products in the space .

And finally, be sure to photograph their customers leading product of its home brand .

Spread these photos in your social network Facebook , Instagram and others.

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