Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! That the year 2014 be filled with peace, health, happiness and success!

One more step ends , Lord . The interaction was very worthwhile . Learning has opened new horizons . We traveled in many areas . We know so many periods of history . Jugglers turned the art of living . Unveil secrets of Exact . We become more sensitive . And we came to live here .

Some say goodbye and leave for a new harvest . Grew . Matured . Changed in size and political stature . Go browse other seas . Others will return next year . Come with new stories to tell . Come loaded with expectations . And everything returns to its course . And everything will be different . Nothing repeats. The holiday season is a time of reflection . It is a cut in time so that we can review everything that lived . It’s a break . In the whirlwind of life , sometimes you need to stop .

Stop and think . And there is much to think about. The year goes by very quickly , but passes laden events which sometimes surprising and sometimes feeding routine . Stop and even grieve for what was missing . Mourning for projects not executed by the unfulfilled promises . It is time for new promises . It is time to renew those that seem to have been promised so many times and have not yet achieved the accomplishment . No matter . The worst is planning to leave . You stop dreaming . And the new year can start dreamless . Otherwise , born old . Blunted born .

Lord . We lived together for another year . And how good it was . We , yes , problems . Some separations. Some falls . But here we are . And we have to thank for being alive , together and ready to start . We do not want the dismay of those who think that everything will be as it always was and that new thing is romantic .

We want a heart to vibrate. We want the stronghold of that does not abate and the wisdom of experiencing new always with a simple smile. Lord ! Thanks for all the months of the year that has passed. Thanks for the warm days of summer. Thanks for the cold winter . Thanks for the poetry of spring, the autumn light . Thanks for weekends and the weekdays . Thanks for dawn and the dusk . Thanks for all problems and willingness to overcome them . Thanks for the wounds and the scars . Thanks to all the friends , family , clients , partners and suppliers . Thank you , Lord ! I know that the new year will come and bring their own concerns and new . There is plenty to do to make the world better . Who knows , in years to come, do not become reality utopias that feed us .

Who knows , with renewed strength , we are able to fight more gallantly ideals we have. Who knows what is more starry sky in full moon nights . Thank you , Lord ! And thanks to the miracle that is life in the coming year we will continue dreaming and doing .

Amen !

We hope the best wishes for peace, health and happy holidays
Continue with this joy , companionship , you keep on supporting us with your preference and attention .

Reasons to continue always seeking the best.

We are privileged that we appreciate your friendship, preferably , support and opinion .

That the year 2014 be filled with peace, health , happiness and success!

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